Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Big changes coming! Stay tuned!

Sunday, March 21, 2010


Random LN tidbits.
  • I cuss too much.
  • I'm in love... with Chemistry
  • Being a nerd in adulthood is WAYYYYY better than being a nerd in highschool. I'm the popular one now.
  • I have MTHFR.
  • I also have PCOS
  • My life is defined by acronyms.
  • I have a dog named Lily that I treat like a baby. (She's asleep in her dress next to me on her blankie)
  • I have secrets that even my best friends don't know.
  • We tried the basics of IF treatment and are living childfree now
Hope you enjoy ICLW! Here's another post to help you get to know me.

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Just some updated pictures of Lily. My long lost sister sent Lily the shoes for Christmas. These pics were taken for the Valentine's card I sent out.

Looks like Lily might be getting a brother... not really by choice though. My brother bought a $500 chug puppy but him and his gf work fulltime+ and carry the weirdest schedule. They both work overnight, John usually works 5-6 nights and she works 3-4 (12s) so they can't care for a puppy. They were going to give him away (possibly shelter) and I couldn't let that happen. I'm driving to Tulsa tomorrow to get him. I'll either keep him or find him a better home. (Probably the better home, but I'll be sooooo careful to pick where he goes.)

Here's Eddie (and yes I know, he's close to being the ugliest dog in the world.)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Where I've Been

Looks like the last post was before the holidays last year. Lots has happened since then.

I'm still going to school for my chemistry undergrad. I have one semester left of prereqs for Pharmacy school. Which means I should be pcatting soon, but that is another post. I'm currently taking Organic Chemistry 1, which I am apparently amazing at. Only about 29% of people pass this class ever and I'm holding a 106% overall average. 100% on the first test. 112% on the 2nd. I'm also taking the organic lab but who really cares about lab! I'm taking trig and calc classes too but I try not to go too often so it doesn't screw up my A average in there. It's a pretty easy and fun semester.

I have finally met THAT instructor. I'm his favorite, right out of the gate. Being a favorite is more of a challenge than anything else. And it is that challenge that makes him my favorite. I've never been one for mediocrity, but I'm usually the type to just do the bare minimum to get by. He challenges me, and calls bullshit when I am unsure. He is changing my life, just in one 4 hour class. And because of this, I'm starting to believe that I'm smarter than I ever knew! He makes me answer questions in class, and go to the board to argue my case on an answer I know is right! Wow.... going to get in a ramble whirlwind. More on Dr. N later.

Not leaving chemistry completely. I am now working for the school as a tutor and lab assistant in the chemistry department. I tutor two classes. A chem 2 class with the same instructor I had last year and really loved. And another chem 2 class with a new face, but already so amazing. Dr. PN is married to my favorite Dr. N! More on the both of them later.

W and I stopped all treatment. Even so that I forgot to make my annual appointment! I stopped taking all of my pills, even the ones I still need. But I was done. Months and months of taking 30+ pills a day with NO outcome. Done.

I'm starting to get back on some of them, like my baspirin, metformin, and folic acid. These are pills that I was told to take regardless. Oh and fishoil but yuck. So I'm trying to be better and at least take the drugs for MTHFR.

Next post: LILY

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I'm back!!!! Years ago my doctor prescribed Metformin, 2000mg a day as 4 extended release tablets. How much do you take (if you take it) and how did your doctor build you up to that much?

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Continued from the previous post:

Everyone knows about *our* (really just mine, but I like to share) infertility. At first we were quiet about it, after the 2nd miscarriage only close friends knew or people that had asked me what was wrong. I'm not very good at keeping secrets, even if it is something about me. If you know me in real life you would know what a loud mouth I am. I'm always the center of attention and glad to be there. I feel like I rule my school and talk to everyone, even if they don't know me yet. I needed to be loud about my infertility so it wouldn't just fester up like a bad splinter. I tend to hang out with the older people in my classes just because I'm an old junior (when you think about 19 year olds being juniors.) They always ask if we have kids and depending on the circumstance, I tell them then and there why we don't have kids. I almost feel like it's helped me find my voice in this big world and helped define me as a person.

Happy ICLW!


I had this post written two weeks ago for ICLW and I thought I had it set to post on the 21st but apparently not.

Hi! Welcome to my blog, ICLWers! My name is Ellen. I'm 23. I'm a chemistry student going into my senior year. I'm a prepharmacy student but some of my professors are pushing me to get a chemical engineering doctorate or just a plain chemistry doctorate. I have PCOS, POF, and MTHFR so we have given up all chances at having a baby. With me going back to school it would be years until we could think about adoption or surrogacy so we are just done. We had a dog named Lily, who is just as spoiled as a baby would be.

Lots of people have been doing questions for ICLW lately so I leave you with this question: Are you open with your infertility? Do your family, coworkers or friends know? Do you feel that people treat you differently or do you wish they would?

(My answer on the next post.)