Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I'm back!!!! Years ago my doctor prescribed Metformin, 2000mg a day as 4 extended release tablets. How much do you take (if you take it) and how did your doctor build you up to that much?

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Melis.sa said...

i take two 750 ER pills, so 1500 total a day.

i took one pill a day for 2 weeks, then added the second pill. i take them both during dinner.

Kristin said...

Welcome Back!

On My Mind 24/7 said...

Welcome back! I have been taking metformin for almost two years now. I currently take Fortamet ER, 1500. I started with 500 for a week, then 1000 for a week, and then 1500. It does take some getting used to, you'll quickly learn which foods to avoid. I did lose weight, and it did regulate my cycles. I eventually did get pregnant on it, and stayed on the metformin all during my pregnancy. Any other questions, just ask!

Renee said...

Melissa, I didn't know you take metformin. Do you have diabetes?

I was diagnosed with type 2. after my GDM didn't go away. With GDM I started out with glyburide. and they just kept bumping me up until it didn't work. then onto insulin. fun times.

After the T2 dx. I was started metformin. currently I take 500. supposedly with food, but I end up taking it just before bed. My fasting sugars are still high, so my follow up appt. is coming up and I am wondering if they will up it again.

oklaln86 said...

I take Metformin just for PCOS. While I understand the links for diabetes in the future, I do not have it now.