Sunday, March 21, 2010


Just some updated pictures of Lily. My long lost sister sent Lily the shoes for Christmas. These pics were taken for the Valentine's card I sent out.

Looks like Lily might be getting a brother... not really by choice though. My brother bought a $500 chug puppy but him and his gf work fulltime+ and carry the weirdest schedule. They both work overnight, John usually works 5-6 nights and she works 3-4 (12s) so they can't care for a puppy. They were going to give him away (possibly shelter) and I couldn't let that happen. I'm driving to Tulsa tomorrow to get him. I'll either keep him or find him a better home. (Probably the better home, but I'll be sooooo careful to pick where he goes.)

Here's Eddie (and yes I know, he's close to being the ugliest dog in the world.)


Patrish said...

Cute Fur Friends!

Blondie said...

Look at those shoes!!! That definitely brightened my day :)

Beautiful Mess said...

Lilly is SO darn cute! So is Eddie! Did you find him a home or are you keeping him.

Ooohh I love having secrets nobody knows about! Wanna trade? ;o)

christina said...

Oh my gosh, they are both so adorable!! I'm in love! You have to get that adorable little man!! I couldn't bare letting him go to a shelter.

We try to dress our dogs up. The girl absolutely hates it and goes comatose whenever she gets anything on. The boy loves it! :)

Happy ICLW!

daega99 said...

They're both too cute!!!