Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I had this post written two weeks ago for ICLW and I thought I had it set to post on the 21st but apparently not.

Hi! Welcome to my blog, ICLWers! My name is Ellen. I'm 23. I'm a chemistry student going into my senior year. I'm a prepharmacy student but some of my professors are pushing me to get a chemical engineering doctorate or just a plain chemistry doctorate. I have PCOS, POF, and MTHFR so we have given up all chances at having a baby. With me going back to school it would be years until we could think about adoption or surrogacy so we are just done. We had a dog named Lily, who is just as spoiled as a baby would be.

Lots of people have been doing questions for ICLW lately so I leave you with this question: Are you open with your infertility? Do your family, coworkers or friends know? Do you feel that people treat you differently or do you wish they would?

(My answer on the next post.)

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Jlynn said...

My family knows of our struggle as do a few friends. Its not necessarily that I don't want to share with everyone, its that some people don't know how to react once they hear the news. While I am comfortable with discussing it, I know that not everyone else is. And the family and friends that do know have been a great support system!

Happy ICLW and thank you for visiting my blog :)