Saturday, April 25, 2009


The ABC's of me for ICLW. All the cool kids are doing it so I thought I would follow.

Age- 22... yes, I'm a youngin'

Best friend- Katie (who lives 22 hours away), Angie (who is getting ready to live 18 hours away), Cara (my lesbian best friend who has offered to carry my child... too bad we don't have the money for IVF and pregnancy without insurance.)

Clotting factor- I have MTHFR. I like to call it motherfucker because it's a motherfucking problem.

Dad- Lives about 3 hours away and I can't wait to go float the river with him this summer.

Ellen- Me!

Fertile- Something that I am not! (I'm not so creative :p)

Google- I couldn't live my life without google. Seriously.

Heather- Was one of my whore friends from Tulsa that got pregnant with her boyfriend of 3 months.

Impulsive- I've been known to be rather impulsive, with haircuts, buying pets, moving, buying a car, etc.

John- My wonderful brother who would give anything for me to have a baby. He is currently recruiting a girlfriend with a fertile and friendly uterus to grow a baby for me hahahah.

Kind of music- I'm in love with all things red dirt. If you don't know what that is try googling Jason Boland and the Stragglers, Stoney LaRue, Randy Rogers Band, I could go on and on!

Lily - My new little chihuahua that is the new love of my life (sorry honey!)

Mom is one of my very best friends. She is currently dating her highschool sweetheart and probably getting ready to move up there (8 hours away.)

No one is going to be living in Oklahoma this time next year :( I need more friends!

Octopus- I ate it on a salad years ago at one of my dad's client's restaurants. The menu was is spanish and dad told me it was chicken. YUCK!

Panties- I'm going to a panty party tonight for Angie. She's getting married in a few months. (story later on what I got her)

Quote- "Do you have mole problems? If so, call Avogadro at 602-1023." If anyone besides me gets this please leave a comment so we can be friends lol

Recycle! Wednesday was earth day and I had a shit ton of fun at the festival!

Sand. I can't wait to see some sand this summer in SC!

Tan- Since there are no babies in my belly I'm gonna work on my tan this week.

Unknown- Recently in Chem Lab we had to identify an unknown metal. I was one of the few that got mine right and I got 97.5% Hells yeah.

Veg- No not the kind you eat but what I'm doing today.

Wagener is my maiden name... weird spelling and all.

X-rays- I hate when they ask me if I'm sure I'm not pregnant when I get xrays. I want to punch them in the face and say "yes... I'm fucking positive."

Yesterday I had school all day. Bleh. 2 more weeks.

Zebra print toenails!


Katie said...

I hate asking girls if they could be pregnant. I have to ask them multiple times when doing hysteros. I know they hate me for it, but if they were pregnant my studies could kill their babies.

just me said...

good job on the ABCs :) i think i will try that next month.
love the pics of your newest family addition!

The Patterson's said...

Thanks for sharing! Good luck!


Mrs. Gamgee said...

I've only had octopus once, but I kind of liked it. Of course it was a long time ago, so maybe I'm remembering wrong... ;) Good for you for trying it tho!

~Jess said...

I've seen this done on a couple of blogs; what a great way to get to know others.

Good luck with everything.


Jill said...

the x-ray thing? I get it. Love your ABCs :)

Beautiful Mess said...

HA! I love your answers! You did a great job on this. I TOTALLY failed at being funny OR witty *sigh*. You were both, I think I have a crush on

osuraj said...

I love the ABC's, so fun!

ICLW :-)

Parenthood For Me said...

Great list. Like Veg.
Allergies suck btw,