Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sometimes it's fun to disappear.

Update since last time: I'm no longer looking for a job because the lady I am babysitting for still needs me, at least until December. And as long as I can get like 4-6 hours a week I will be fine. It's my last week at my temporary job at the trans.plant center. Last week was suppose to be my last week but the girl I'm training is the dumbest person I've ever met. And she's annoying. Chews-with-her-mouth-open is also a mom, an annoying one. She blames EVERYTHING on being a mom and tells me about how she is a mom close to 15 times a day. No lie. She blames her dumbassness on "mommy brain" and tells me she is always sooo tired and can carry 1000 things because she's a mom and blah blah blah. She lives with her parents, has a 3 year old, has a fiance (not the daddy, of course) and just finished some career tech school that my tax money paid for. Don't get me wrong, these systems are put into place for people that need them. But when you have a job and still get free daycare, foodstamps, wic, AND soonercare (medicaid for women and children) it's not fair. I've got no respect for someone like that. Mind you, she also has a nicer cell phone, cuter clothes, accessories coming out the ass. Why don't you stop buying shit and pay for that kid you have?!

Ahh so that turned into a rant but oh god. I have trained a ton of people in my professional lifetime but never has my patience run out... until her.

Anyway, School starts soon!! wwoooooot wooooot. I'm excited. I was glad to take the summer off but I'm ready to start studying again. Next week I plan to get my office in decent shape for the semester. I also need to buy books but it's close to $1400 just for this semester.



Melissa said...

god, i know what you mean about people like that. drives me f-in bananas. this girl i used to work with just got another dog (making it a total of 3) and a new cell phone and she still owes the electric company close to a grand. Yeah, that's responsible...


woot for school starting. i always dreaded seeing how much books cost :)

Mrs. Gamgee said...

Those women who get their identity out of their kids drive me nuts... one of my sisters was like that for a while. If you weren't a mom, what would you be?

Kristin said...

Glad the job situation worked out.

And, people like that twit you are training drive me insane.

Anonymous said...

Oh boy I would so be losing my patience too! Poeple like that drive me nuts!

Great to hear the job situation worked out, I can't wait for the start of the academic year either!

Woohooo for studying !

Beautiful Mess said...

I totally get what you mean about someone using the system like that. It's so HELP you out, NOT support you for the rest of your damn life! It really pisses me off.

Good luck with school. I'm so excited for you!

Wishing 4 One said...

God what a LosEr huh? I have run into a few like her in my day. Lets hope she shuts up, learns her sh$t and you are outta there soon. Hang in there girl. xoxox