Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The ramblings of a twenty something on Adderall. To be continued.

I'm pretty sure the Baby Orajel is stonger than the grown up kind.  Just thought I would share.

William and I are doing dinner tonight at Musashi's.  My friend, T, is having her party there at 7 but William is meeting me at 6 for sushi across the street.  This new life might be okay.

Found out today that my best friend moved to Atlanta.  I knew she was moving, I just didn't realize I had missed her departure.  I've been out of town the last 2 weekends and working full time has been kicking my ass.  So, Ang is gone.  Mom is next.  I'm sure John will be gone soon too.  (John=brother)  Who is going to be left in Oklahoma?  Where will we go for the holidays?  I HATE the town where my mom will soon reside.  It's 8 hours away and those people look like they could work at Silver Dollar City without dawning costumes.  Yes,  it's that bad.  

I'm trying not to give my mom a hard time about the move.  It's where she is from and where most of her friends are.  But I guarantee if I had some kids she wouldn't be moving out of state, she'd be moving closer to me.  Speaking of that,  my mom's boyfriend has a brand new grandson.  Mom has pictures with said child.  Hanging up. On the fridge.  Of course I haven't said anything.  She'll feel bad and I don't want that.  It's just hard to look at and I know she doesn't mean anything by it but c'mon! Burn!

I'm really jumping from topic to topic but that's how my mind works.  Last Saturday we went to visit my dad and his wife, Doris.  William and I were in the car with Doris on the way to meet my dad for dinner.  She knows nothing of our struggles or life decisions.  She tells us a big long story about how she doesn't really like her daughter-in-law because she had kids from a previous marriage and then got a hysterectomy. So is it safe to say that people on W's side will hate me equally as much?  I can only hope

Got to run.  More rambling later!


Kristin said...

Sorry you are faced with baby pics on your mom's fridge.

Melissa said...

gah. we're moving closer to family next year. i really love where we are, just hate the 5 hour drive.

families can suck. and parts of them can suck balls. but other times it's cool. the pics on the fridge would destroy me/make me not need anything out of the fridge.

Beautiful Mess said...

Ramble away, love! Sorry about the pictures on the fridge. That's harsh. Hope you had a BLAST tonight!

Wishing 4 One said...

You are hillarious! Silver Dollar City I assume is like a discount like/dollar store? Made me laugh my ass off as I totally get it even though I am not sure of the store. And yes his family will LUV you and welcome u with open arms it seems....hang in there. Added you to my blogroll, glad i got to you today from ICLW.

Michelle said...

I think the pics on the fridge would hurt too. It's hard to have a reminder right in your face that everyone else in the world is having babies... I feel your pain! Good luck to you!!
~Michelle (ICLW)