Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I've been busy!

ICLW is such a bad time to go out of town to a place where my 3g network doesn't reach.

On Saturday, William and I packed the car full of clothes, lily, lily items, and river floating items. We got to Tulsa at about 1pm for my brother's cook out. Then Talitha and I went shopping and got ready for the evening. Jordan, Talitha, William and I headed out to the Cherokee Casino and Resort to meet my brother at his suite. Only lost about 9 dollars, so that's always good. Then left J, T, and W on the casino floor and headed up to the suite to kick Glenn's ass at ERS (long running inside joke game) and got a little drunk on some Reisling.... mmmm. W made us head home early since we had people staying with us.
(Pictured: My brother John and I, it would be better if I could learn to stand up straight!)

Sunday morning it started raining so we figured the river float trip would be canceled. T and J headed back to OKC after a late breakfast at IHOP. W & I headed out to my dad's to spend the day. We thought we would head back that night since the rain was ruining everything. Turns out my dad has a Wii... the rest of the day was spent on there kicking ass!

Monday we decided to go ahead and try the river and just tough out the rain. Pictures to come on this because we ended up having to "pull over" a few times and put our emergency blankets (similar to tin foil so we look AMAZING!) After the 4th rain of the morning we were able to finish our 10 mile float.

It was a busy but fun weekend and I'm SOOO ready to sleep in tomorrow.

Today, I had to babysit (more on this later because I need tips on quitting a family) and then took Lily to the vet. She weighs 2 lbs 14 oz. Because of her weight today the vet is guessing that she won't exceed 4 pounds, which is great! She will always be super tiny and cute! Not that 6 lbs isn't tiny it's fun that she will be 4ish. She got the last set of shots for a year and we scheduled her spaying in 2 months. The vet said he will probably take her home with him overnight since she is so small. I'm totally okay with this because she will be in much better hands if she needs something.


Beautiful Mess said...

LOL, OMG Lilly is going NUTS! I love it! Glad you had a good time and got home all safe and sound!

Katie said...

Where do you get your puppy crack? LOL