Sunday, February 22, 2009

My dream or my nightmare?

I awoke this morning with dozens of dreams spinning in my head. I had dreams about breast pumps, nursing pads, and maternity clothes. Even dreams about having multiples and decorating the nursery. Why does my brain do this to me? I purposely don't read my old miscarriage board before bed because these topics would get implanted in my brain, seeing as they are all new moms. My body must just hate me, giving me symtoms in the 2WW and giving me these stupid dreams that make me wake up longing for a child, even more than before, because in those dreams I get to feel what I may never get to really feel.

Speaking of love then marriage then family. I want to rant about an experience I had to deal with last year. Right after the wedding we started to get things in the mail about having babies. It seemed like the places we registered at for the wedding decided it was time for us to have babies. I kid you not, the day we got home from the honeymoon, Target sent us a $20 gift card (the catch was to start your baby registry there.) Maybe it's because I live in Oklahoma, where the number one reason for marriage is because you're pregnant or maybe Target wanted to lose my spending money, but it just doesn't make sense!


On My Mind 24/7 said...

Hey there. I am glad you added my blog to your list, I'll add you to mine-I love to have new ones to read. Thanks for stopping over!

Wow-that is crazy about baby stuff right after marriage! I would have been irked too, getting stuff daily in the mail.

Good luck in your TWW. I will have to do some reading of your previous posts so I can catch up a bit.

Katie said...

Yuck I hate those dreams. I wake up so excited and then realize it was a dream and then I'm so sad and disappointed. Our bodies are mean.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you just made me realize that I've never had a pregnant dream. I have a feeling that your dreams, while painful at the moment, portend of great things. Hoping that this TWW brings you good news!

Also, thanks for stopping by to offer encouragement. Every bit helps, and you made me smile!