Friday, February 27, 2009

Are We Having Fun Yet? No.

I just got home from the worst day ever- well, worst day in a year at least. I get to school at 7:15am then have to leave again at 9:25 (in the middle of the class I slept through on Wednesday) and haul balls to fertility clinic. I get there, check in and have a seat. I then learn that Dr. Goff is in a surgery and will be 30 minutes late. I can't wait and I can't come back later. 11am-5pm on Friday is my Chem lecture and Lab... which I literally can't miss. I talk to the nurse and she makes me go to Target to get the ClearBlue Digital OPKs. If I get a smiley face this weekend I don't have to go in on Monday and if I don't get a smiley face then I go in Monday at 1pm for my u/s.

Here's where the day gets really bad. I'm pulling out of Target on a street I don't know and I get pulled over. Apparently the speed limit on this road was 35 opposed to 45 on every other freaking road in OKLAHOMA! GEeezzZZ. Doesn't help that the cop is an asshole, of course.

I rush into Chemistry, still red and crying from the freaking cop. Ugg.. then 6 hours of chemistry... not a good day.

But on a positive note. We're going to do IUI next cycle and try it twice then no more drugs for a year. I guess I'll get the details on Monday. Originally IUI wasn't going to be an option for us since a m/c is still so likely with the MTHFR but it's cheap so we'll try it. It's been a year since we were able to get pg last.

So CD 12 and no positive opk... I'll let ya know!

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