Monday, August 4, 2008

Hippie parents.

What books are these hippie parents reading these days?

MYTH: Breast Milk is the only way to feed your baby.
FACT: You're breast milk will probably not come in right away... It could take up to a week after you have your little one. Too many people I know are just starving their kids until their milk comes in. They don't realize the baby is STARVING!!! Formula is not the devil and there are formulas made for breast feeding moms.
ANOTHER thought about this: You might not get as much milk as the baby needs, and that's okay, even somewhat normal. That is why FORMULA was created. You can always supplement. What is better... having a failure to thrive baby because they don't eat or having a cute fat baby that is formula fed?

And routines....
Bathing children regularly help them create routines and help them to sleep better.... consider it.

Oh and happy birthday to me!

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Mrs. Thurslie said...

I struggled with breast-feeding, and was never able to make enough for my daughter and had to supplement. Some people looked down on me like I was poisoning her for it!