Thursday, April 2, 2009

I'm ready to relax!

My week has been ridiculously busy. I usually babysit for two families each week. One family for 10 hours over two days. The other family is usually just 2-3 hours... Well at this point I have already sat 20 hours (not including today.) I'm just ready for sunday... ready to relax!

I'm worried that I'm not ovulating anymore. I did both digital and cheapie opks. Never got a smiley face on digis and got close to a pos cheapie on CD 13. But it wasn't really that dark... And I didn't have ANY o signs this month. This was suppose to be my last cycle of Femara but I'm still not pg?! What are we going to do next? We've talked iui but I'm not really sure what drugs I'm going to be on? I need to call them today when I get off "work". Hopefully I'll be back tonight :)


Gina said...

Best of luck to you in your next steps. I have done 5 IUI's to date and I have been on Col.mid and Foll.istim.


Katie said...

Sorry about not Oing! That's so obnoxious. Why can't your ovaries just cooperate? I will be excited to hear what your Dr says though! Keep us updated, or just text me ;) XO

Lisa said...

When we did our IUI I took 50 Clomid & 1500 Metformin and got a BFP on the first IUI! (later had m/c)

Melissa said...

I hope Sunday comes quickly for you!

damn opks!

I don't O regularly either. I just did clomid, an ovidrel shot, and an iui this month.

when is your next RE appt?

UnicornMommy said...

yeah, I am having an OPK. struggles.
I cant find a brand that I like.

One test started to show slow increase in LH. ran out of the brand and got another, that one didnt work well. half of them didnt work at all. Then on my third. I have no idea if I have ovulated or not.


Cara said...

Here from LFCA and just wanted you to know that I'm remembering with you on your special day.