Monday, March 2, 2009

Show and Tell

Show and Tell
This is my sick cup. My mom bought it for me when we were at Disney World for New Years 2002 when I wasn't feeling good. I use it every time I'm sick (or floopy.) And yes it's out today.

And this is my sick look. I'm only allowed to be this pitiful when I'm not feeling good. :)


Cassandra said...

That cup would make anyone feel better!

Parenthood For Me said...

I wish I had a sick cup from my mom.
I just found your blog through Mel. I am reaching out to my fellow bloggers to introduce my non profit, Parenthood for Our mission is to provide financial and emotional support to those starting families through adoption or medical intervention. Please visit our website and blog and pass the link on. Thank you for your support. I look forward to reading your blog
Erica Schlaefer

Kristin said...

Feel better dear. I like the cup.

Beautiful Mess said...

Great cup! I hope you're feeling better soon!

Katie said...

LOL that is a great show and tell hehehehe Love the cup AND the look!!!

Where's Baby? said...

I'm glad you found me. I'm looking forward to following your journey too! :)

My cyst was found during my day 3 u/s. My RE said it was big (3 cm) and fluid filled (it was black on the u/s screen -- he said that means it's fluid filled). I'm not sure if the fluid was blood but I assumed it wasn't. I was really concerned. He said this type of cyst is normal after medicated cycles. He said it should go away after a month. We are going back for day 3 u/s this month. Hopefully it will be gone and we can get started with our next medicated IUI cycle. This break has sucked!

I'm sorry about your cyst. I hated hearing the news. I have a blog you should check out. I think she had a blood filled cyst. When I find it I will send it over.

Best wishes!

Where's Baby? said...

Here's the blog:

I just started following her blog. She had to have surgery to remove the cyst.

WiseGuy said... seem to be saluting the lightbulb!

Okay, the cup is great and mothers are great! Cheers for them!