Tuesday, September 9, 2008


DPO 10 - BFN

Yes, I know it's still early... especially for my jacked up body. But everyone who is TTC knows that as soon as you can MAYBE get a faint positive you pee on sticks like it's going out of style. I had William get me a couple of tests at the grocery store the other day and when he got home I took one. It was 8 DPO! It would have been the earliest BFP known to man... but that didn't keep me from taking it... and it didn't keep me from staring at it for the next hour or 2! So my husband wanted to point out the definition of insane... so I thought I would share it with you all: Doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. Yeah so all the TTCers out there are going insane with me!

We only have 2 months left of trying... and I was REALLY thinking it would be this month. I know it's still early but I just have that feeling that it's not going to be our month now. I got all excited when I broke out earlier this week.... but that's probably just from going to bed without washing my face one night!

I have a baby shower to go to this weekend. It will be the first one since the m/c. I love the woman who is pregnant... and she deserves to be happy. She is one person that genuinely cares about how I'm doing and wants to know what the dr says after I see him. And I hate to say it... but I'm more okay with pregnant people when they have problems with their pregnancies. I know that's horrible. But that's how I can get through working in the NICU and dealing with so many moms. My friend that has the baby shower this weekend has hypertension and gestational diabetes and is on best rest now. So think good thoughts for her and Christopher.

Sorry I'm being rambly (yes, it's a word.) I have 2 huge tests this week so I wanted to just drop in quickly and I don't have time to edit!

Thanks for reading!

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