Monday, July 21, 2008

Not a good day.

So EDIT to the last post. I miscounted my pills and I actually take 6 a day of the estradiol so picture 5 more of the little purple ones for a grand total of 19!! It's my grandpa's 81st birthday and I take more pills than him... not a good sign.

The emotions have started to kick in in the evening time.... BAD! It seems like every night we get some phone call or text or whatever and someone involved in always "knocked up." I say knocked up because none of this people tried, none had issues, and most aren't even happy about it. I'm also tired of hearing people tell me it will be okay. Don't tell me to relax. Check out for more information on what not to say :)

Also, this evening we decided we will not be going to anymore family get-togethers. It sounds harsh but I'm not going to put myself in a room full of babies and pregnant family members so I can feel sad and jealous!

I have my femara ultrasound on Friday so I'll let you know!

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